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MicroPlus and Reclaim

MicroPlus and Reclaim


Microplus is a very well established Organic Foliar nutrient. I have been using it with great success for several Years. Most plants respond to it very well. It can be used weekly to enhance growth and it helps plants to produce to their full potential. It also works well to help plants that have been under stress to repair themselves. Micro Plus works well on fruit trees as well as on all vegetables and flowers. I highly recommend this product as a great addition to your yard and garden production.

32-ounce spray bottle that comes ready to use.

Reclaim is a great Organic product that helps your yard and garden in many ways. It is applied directly to the soil. As the soil absorbs the Reclaim, the tilth improves which greatly improves plant root development. At the same time, this is occurring the Reclaim helps the roots to take in more of the available nutrients. Which helps to the increase plant development. Happy Gardening from Grand Teton Organics.