John's Potato Project
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John's Potato Project

I'm proud to introduce a new potato product from Grand Teton Organics.

Johns' Potato Project

Its easy and it's fun, almost no mess, great for the kids to help with, can be done on the kitchen table.

It is a new way to enjoy growing potatoes in doors or out, you can watch the plant develop and see the beautiful blossoms appear, and then anxiously await for the tubers to form in the soil beneath the plant.
There is a newer growing medium thats now available, thats collected from the shell and the covering of coconuts.
This is the nicest growing medium that I have ever found. It holds moisture very well, its light and is very conducive to rapid and healthy root and tuber developement. It doesnt have mold issues  and of course its organic.

In each order you will recieve the following :

3 each 3 gallon grow bags
21 of the coconut growing medium discs (7 per bag)
Pre-measured organic fertilizer  (for each bag)
Enough of my favorite potato seed for your project (Grand Duke,
Purple viking, Terra Rosa)
The seed is breaking dormancy and is ready to grow.
Complete instructions, including my email and phone number for any of your questions.
As with every thing I sell, the shipping is all included.

Everything that I have listed above,  all for $59.99