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Certified Organic by CCOF And Certified Seed Certified Seed (Non Organic)
Terra Rosa Austrian Crescent
Amo Rosa Good Onion
True Seed All Blue
Russet Bakers Purple Viking
King Edward Black Berry
Old World Collection German Butter Ball
Huckleberry Gold Red Lasoda
Rainbow Mix R. Norkota 278
Purple Majesty White Giant
R. Burbank Sangre
Chieftain Desire
Clowning Around Assortment Heirloom Collection
Fingerling Mix Baby Lou
Red, white, blue mix Grand Duke
Blue & Gold Mix
Yukon Gold
Red Johnny
Harlequin Gold
Cal white
Yellow Finn
Red Pontiac
Blue Bell

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Thanks for finding our online store! At Grand Teton Organics, our goal is to source and provide only the highest quality certified organic seed potatoes on the market. Our certified organic seed potatoes are double state certified for both quality and being organic. All of our products start from tissue culture and all begin in green house programs.

Our selections were picked to produce the most energetic plants with the best yields. We're confident that you will find a variety that fits your needs. Make sure to call us with any questions you have, and don't forget to ask about our special discounts on orders over 500 lbs...